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Matters needing attention for extended arm demolition

Matters needing attention for extended arm demolition

1. It depends on the height of the building during the operation, and the extension arm of the demolition will be able to reach the height of the disassembly. In the safe distance, the disassembly will be from high to low one by one.Remove one layer of debris.When disassembling a multi-storey building, do not attempt to disassemble it quickly from the ground level, which is the most ignorant, unsafe and accident prone way.

2. If the extension arm can not be removed at the appropriate height within the safe distance, some gravel and soil can be shipped to fill the height.

3. During the demolition, the extension arm must stop at the leveling working platform and leave enough steering space in the safe distance.

4. In the process of dismantling the high-rise building, try to make all the debris fall inside the building, so as to avoid the splashes out on the pedestrians and the operators, and avoid the large objects hitting the extension arm of the demolition and damage the extension arm equipment.

5. At present, there are a lot of structural beams in China, so don't move the beams and columns before dismantling.Push the brick to the room and then clean up the broken objects step by step.Disassemble the prefabricated panel (floor) and then the house beams and columns.And you take it from the top down, layer by layer.


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