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Non-road mobile machinery emissions are heavily fined.

Non-road mobile machinery emissions are heavily fined.
When it comes to business development in 2017, the most talked about with many engineering infrastructure contractors or contractors is the shutdown of production due to environmental protection.
Environmental protection is the survival of human survival, to the mountain of silver mountain, more green mountains;

No green mountains, no life to enjoy mountain silver mountain...

The deterioration of the environment has brought obstacles to sustainable development.

The law on the prevention and control of air pollution in the People's Republic of China has been in force since January 1, 2016.

Many local governments have stepped up efforts to curb environmental pollution, providing a strong basis for law enforcement.

Air pollution has become one of the most concerned environmental issues, and the whole country has carried out comprehensive treatment of air pollution.

In the construction machinery industry, non-road moving machinery such as excavators, loaders, bulldozers, and so on, many equipment mechanical discharge is substandard, is well-known.
And it is the non-road mobile machinery with high pollution emission, which is an important object of governance.
According to "the law of the People's Republic of China on the prevention and control of atmospheric pollution DiYiBaiYiSiTiao regulation, many places issued to ban the use of high emissions of road mobile mechanical area announcement, are defined to ban the use of such mechanical area.

And it will be fined 5,000 yuan directly for the illegal use of high-emission non-road mobile machinery companies for fines and the use of substandard construction machinery.


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