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About us

We are a professional manufacturer of excavator structural parts, working devices, ancillary devices and accessories.

The factory is located in dongguan, which is known as the world's manufacturing city.
Convenient transportation and beautiful environment.

The company with abundant technical force, fine production equipment, perfect manufacturing process, strict quality control to provide you with high-quality and guaranteed products;
The company insists on the quality to survive, the brand seeks development, the service strives for the credibility of the management policy, always will your needs as your own goal, your satisfaction is our pursuit.

We will make unremitting efforts to build the brand machinery to meet the needs of customers for the mission of the enterprise;
Continuous technological innovation, perfect management, and leading edge of the industry;
The series of products are sold throughout the country and exported to dozens of countries including east Asia, America and Europe.
We have won the trust and praise of the majority of users.

We can tailor our products according to your requirements. We can provide technical advice and design plan for you.
Professional excavator standard big forearm, enhanced the forearm, two sections of extended arm, a three-stage extended arm (arm), split, catch feeder, pile driver extended arm extended arm, telescopic boom, standard scoop, enhanced dig digging bucket, rock type, quick change connectors, the plum blossom claw, grasp wood, stone, fork claws, fighting, bei dou, clean bucket, tilt bucket, single hook, pile hammer, vibration crack earthenware, rammer, hydraulic shears, crushing forceps etc.
Adaptation to god steel, KOBELCO, KOMATSU (KOMATSU), Canada (KATO), SUMITOMO (SUMITOMO), HITACHI (HITACHI), carter (CATERPILLR), CASE (CASE), DAEWOO (DAEWOO), modern (HYUNDAI), VOLVO (VOLVO), LIEBHERR (LIEBHERR), ATLAS (ATLAS), trinity (SANY), LIUGONG, LIUGONG, ZhanYang (JONYANG), dragon (LONKING), xugong (XCMG), alex DE (LISHIDE), c (XGMA) state (surged), sunvo intelligent (such as the SUNWARD) excavator series brand.

We are based on honesty, sincerity, innovation and win-win.
The spirit of harmonious co-prosperity goes hand in hand with you, seeking development together.


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